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Ok, What's the Deal With This Fendi Dress?

A sheer, red Fendi dress from the fashion house's pre-Fall 2020 collection is the most popular item of the season, having been worn by Alicia Keys, Bella Hadid, Kehlani, and Lili Reinhart.

   From Alicia Keys to Lili Reinhart, everyone is mysteriously wearing it.


   Pre-pandemic, we'd often spot trends and "It" items the old fashioned way: on celebrities and influencers, who wore must-have bags and dresses to various Fashion Week events and press appearances. Now, however, as we safely social distance and stay home, social media is mostly where we turn to for inspiration — and, on occasion, photoshoots. For instance, did you realize that a sheer, red Fendi dress is suddenly, um, everywhere? The design, which was part of Fendi's pre-Fall collection, appears to be popping up a lot lately and is quickly becoming an editorial favorite. Back in July, Alicia Keys even wore it for her InStyle photoshoot, making it look luxurious but comfy as she posed on some steps.


   Of course, the design was too good to be worn by just one major star. When Elle released its August digital cover, there it was again, this time, on Bella Hadid, who wore it while taking a dip in the pool.


   Two celebrities wearing the same exact design is nothing new — twinning moments happen all the time. But, when Kehlani appeared in a shoot for Bustle, we spotted the familiar ruffles once again, draped around a yellow chair. It's also worth noting that all three of these ladies seem extremely relaxed in this Fendi piece, thus convincing us that it feels like pajamas — very, very fancy pajamas.


   Still, this dress's journey wasn't done yet. For Flaunt Magazine, Lili Reinhart switched things up. Instead of taking a seat, she decided to stand, but still blissfully leaned back into the sun.


   What does it all mean? Is this Fendi design simply the item of 2020? Considering how popular it has become, it sure seems like it. Even Gwyneth Paltrow wore a similar look in chocolate for the Golden Globes. In many ways, this piece is the current version of Dior's much-loved red mini dress, which was worn by Selena Gomez, Lucy Hale, Irina Shayk, and even Rihanna (who opted for a black version) a few years back. Either way, we're excited to see who ends up wearing this see-through piece next.