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Fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2021

What are the trends that will shape the Spring/Summer 2020-2021 season?

Today Karpacheva Brand unveils the top trends spotted at 2021 Spring Summer fashion runways. See what’s in for next summer season.

90’s Street Wear

Top fashion designers such as Louis Vuiton, or Chanel has highlighted the revenge of the 90’s on it’s spring summer 2021 collection. With neon, underground influences mixed with hip-hop elements and denim wear, such as Balmain.

70’s Boho Chic

The iconic Christian Dior fashion has return to the 70’s Woodstock movement. Creating earthy elements resembling the 70’s meeting the bohemian chic style. Also, Paco Rabanne has adopted that style too.

See Through Dresses

A fresh Spring Summer 2021 Fashion Trend. Featured by Elie Saab, Giambattista, and Givenchy. This light element is a spring-summer must have combined with a great lingerie piece.

Oversize Upper Wear

This  2021 spring summer fashion trend brings a 80’s influence, highlighting the shoulders with extravagant volume. A statement element ready for spring 2021.

Protective Wear

Due to the current world pandemic, many fashion brands are embracing new designs with protective elements. Making an entire protective fashion.


With metallics, you’ll get the party started, even if its in small gatherings. There’s always a special occasion to be celebrated.

Empowerment Glamour

In fashion we can make a statement, stand for what we are and we believe in. The empowerment movement is an ongoing moto to elevate the woman’s role in society. But what about adding some glamour to it? Straight structured lines, practical with feminine elegance.

Pink Dream

Dare to dream with pink, an iconic color resembling the unconditional love of a woman.

Wellbeing Intimate Clothing

A Spring Summer 2021 Fashion Trends that celebrates the wellness movement. Also an interior design trend for 2021, the wellbeing trend is a consequence of today’s reality.